Bitcoin mining company DEMAND has announced today the world’s inaugural Stratum V2 mining pool, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine

  • “Currently, DEMAND exclusively caters to solo miners, providing them with the opportunity to find blocks independently, ensuring the entire block reward accrues to the successful solo miner.”

“With Stratum V2 and our new solo mining pool, we aim to make home mining more attractive, which should in effect help decentralize the Bitcoin mining ecosystem and improve the health of the Bitcoin network overall,” Alejandro de la Torre, DEMAND’s co-founder and CEO as quoted as saying.

  • “Additionally, DEMAND facilitates hash power resale on a marketplace, ensuring users maximize their earnings either by participating in mining or redirecting hash power to the highest bidder.”

“Stratum V2 gives the power of transaction selection back to the individual miners, to make the mining ecosystem more decentralized and Bitcoin more censorship resistant,” said DEMAND co-founder Filippo Merli.

  • “Looking ahead, DEMAND anticipates expanding its services to encompass pooled mining, fostering a collaborative environment where users share profits among themselves.”

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