Disrupt Africa has released the first episode of its two-part podcast series zeroing in on the state of Africa’s fintech space, looking at trends, opportunities and challenges within the vital sector.

Disrupt Podcast has released a number of focused series in the last couple of years, including ones on venture capital and e-commerce, while it also produces the regular “The month in VC” series.

Its latest focus is on fintech in Africa, looking at the startups that are making waves in the space, what they have achieved so far, and what opportunities and challenges they face going forward. The series looks at how innovation in agriculture is so pivotal on the continent, and discusses initiatives and funders that are backing the development of Africa’s fintech ecosystem.

Disrupt Africa has partnered AZA Finance, Revio, EMURGO Middle East & Africa, and MoneyHash to release the two-part series, which draws on commentary from individuals at those companies as well as the findings of Disrupt Africa’s recent Finnovating for Africa research publication.

“This two-part podcast series, which follows the latest edition of our Finnovating for Africa research publication, digs deep into key issues within Africa’s rising fintech space, and we are thankful to our partners for helping to make it happen,” said Tom Jackson, co-founder of Disrupt Africa.

“Disrupt Africa is almost 10 years old, and we feel we have grown up with their in-depth view on the African tech and startup environment from early days until now. After the peaks and valleys of trends in the African fintech scene, it was great to chat about what is real and what work still needs to get done,” said Elizabeth Rossiello, co-founder and CEO of AZA Finance.

“We’re excited to partner with Disrupt Africa to promote the African fintech ecosystem and critically engage on the trends, opportunities, and challenges faced by businesses building in these markets. While there has been incredible progress in the last 10 years, we have only scratched the surface of the access, inclusion, and infrastructure that fintech can enable,” said Nicole Dunn, COO of Revio.

“EMURGO Africa is thrilled to participate and sponsor this insightful podcast with Disrupt Africa, where we delve into the dynamic landscape of African fintech. As we foster innovation and growth, we’re especially enthusiastic about the various Web 3.0 applications emerging in the region, including decentralised finance (DeFi), blockchain-based remittances, revenue based financing for SMEs, and trade facilitation through stable coins. In addition to startup funding, we provide corporates and governments with comprehensive support, encompassing general guidance, technical assistance and execution of distributed ledger technology (DLT) driven solutions architecture and deployment. Join us in this exciting discussion on the future of fintech in Africa,” said Ahmed Amer, CEO of EMURGO Africa.


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