Greater Than, a leading innovator in driver crash probability and climate impact intelligence, has unveiled a cutting-edge AI-based ESG compliance package.

This strategic launch is aimed at empowering organizations to address the mobility component of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting, aligning with the rigorous Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) standards.

At the core of this initiative is the need for enhanced ESG reporting within the mobility sector. The European Union’s CSRD legislation marks a significant shift towards more stringent social and environmental disclosure requirements, affecting a broad spectrum of companies. This directive not only standardizes the reporting framework but also extends the obligation to a wider array of firms, including those outside the EU with European investors or those within the supply chains of EU companies.

Greater Than’s operations are centred around providing invaluable insights into driver behaviour, offering a dual perspective on environmental impact and safety. Their solutions leverage advanced AI technologies to transform mobility data into actionable intelligence, enabling organizations to measure, act upon, and report their ESG activities effectively.

The newly launched ESG compliance package is a testament to Greater Than’s commitment to innovation. It uniquely assesses the driver’s influence on both safety and environmental fronts, allowing for precise identification of improvement areas. This facilitates not only immediate actions but also aids in long-term strategic planning, such as upgrading to greener vehicles.

Key highlights of Greater Than’s solution include its ability to generate insights for establishing scientific KPIs, deliver regular performance updates, and produce comprehensive annual ESG reports. Its “plug and play” nature ensures seamless integration with existing systems, requiring minimal adjustments to current operational processes.

Liselott Johansson, CEO of Greater Than, highlighted the importance of their offering, “Greater Than enables organizations to ‘see the future’ today and, with that, we’re proud that our globally recognized AI is supporting our stakeholders to launch their own solutions that predict companies’ impact on the planet.

“Reducing negative climate and societal activity has never been so important for businesses, and we’re committed to empowering our customers with AI-driven insights to fulfil the mobility aspect of global ESG reporting requirements and accelerate positive change.”


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