The Pakistan Fintech Association(PFA)  is a national level inclusive and representative body of all Fintechs to build alliances with Global and Local ecosystem players for common benefit of Pakistani Fin techs. The association works in the area of access to tech, R&D and investment opportunities. PFA is backed by industry leaders who work in collaboration with the regulators, financial institutions, and fintechs of all sizes.

The vision of the Pakistan Fintech Association is to become the  collective voice of the Pakistan’s Fintech ecosystem working in collaboration with industry experts, regulators ,and financial institutions to provide a fully inclusive environment in order to support FinTech growth and empower Pakistan’s economy with scalable financial technology.

It plans to achieve this vision through the following  Objectives

  • Further and protect the business interests of our members and fintech industry as a whole
  • Work with government for necessary policies and legislation in order to develop, promote, and expand as an industry
  • Represent and promote Pakistani fintech industry internationally
  • Exchange views, share knowledge and increase individual efficiency of fintech through education
  • Provide a unified platform for discussions and to represent the interests of fintech industry as a whole

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