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Over the years, Mobile Money Operators keep to the old ways of performing transactions which includes but not limited to long time usage, manually recording of transactions, challenges associated with access to transaction statements, sharing of relevant information, reporting of fraud, etc. As part of measures to address this traditional challenges and to provide appropriate solutions, a MOBILE MONEY AGENTS APPLICATION (APP) known as MBanqer has been developed for mobile money operators to help address the above challenge. mBanqer brings automation to let mobile money agents complete cash deposit, cash-out, airtime transfer and all other mobile money transactions in just a few seconds. No more dialing and re-dialing long USSD codes. No more writing down every transaction in a notebook. mBanqer automates the transaction and maintains records and works across all networks and does not require internet access.

The Mobile Money Agents Association of Ghana (MMAAG) has officially endorse Mbanqer APP as safer, smooth, faster, and convenient for Agents to use for their momo transactions.The APP is for all mobile money networks ( Vodafone cash, AirtelTigo Cash and MTN Mobile Money). This APP has both online and offline functionalities; meaning it can be used even without internet. The MMAAG officially recommends this APP for the reach and usage of all Mobile Money Agents across the country.

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