Hammer Technology Holdings (OTCQB: HMMR) [“Hammer Fiber Optics Holdings Corp”], recently announced that its flagship Fintech subsidiary, HammerPay, set to debut in Q4 2022, will launch a new mobile phone and web portal private digital e-wallet platform for market deployment in Africa.

Powered by HammerPay, the Remittance Service Deliver Platform (RSDP) with its private digital e-wallet service will help banks, wallet operators, telecoms, as well as merchants and agents get fast access to digital infrastructure with the Wallet-as-a Service delivery model. The digital e-wallet platform in its initial release, Release 1.0 will feature facilities and functionalities that provide for Cash-in and Cash-Out; Bank to Wallet and Wallet to Bank; Money Remittance; Request Money; Scan to Pay; as well as Merchants and Agents Geolocation services.

“We are partnering with a major financial services provider, one that we have built a strong, respected, and collaborative relationship with over the past 18 months in developing, integrating, testing, assuring, and customizing, our services and products. We are now bringing it all to market”, said Gerald Sherman, the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “As part of a mutually shared digital-first approach to deliver quantifiable outcomes to markets, we stand ready with our partners to deliver a range of innovative, expanding, reliable, and secured services – the kind of services that existing customers can take advantage of and benefit from; the kind of services that the underbanked and unbanked consumers can access as part of our larger ambition to drive and ensure financial inclusion across Africa. This is the kind of service that will leverage financial technology to improve people’s lives; and continue to connect diaspora capital to the continent; beginning in my own country, Liberia”, he added.

Source : https://finance.yahoo.com/news/hammerpay-announces-digital-fintech-platform-150700520.html

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