Organizations undertake business transformations to create additional value; unlocking the potential of employees, harnessing intellectual property and proprietary technology for additional purposes, or becoming more efficient to maximize the company’s potential and that’s why dx100 acknowledges these efforts.

dx100 Award is an acknowledged mark of enterprise excellence through digital transformation, enhancement of organization’s reputation as a leading innovator, while generating positive PR and providing tangible, company-wide recognition of leadership, innovation and engagement.

The annual event celebrates 100 organizations and their employees that use IT in innovative ways to deliver business value, whether by creating competitive advantage, optimizing  business processes, enabling growth, improving relationships with customers or digitally transforming business-as-usual.

This year, the dx100 Symposium and Awards Ceremony – dx5’s most powerful pan-African gathering of senior business executives will be held in Diani, Kenya, from 23rd to 25th November 2022.


  •  Digital Innovation: The extent to which an organization uses IT in a new way or enabled new ways of doing business, whether internally or externally.
  • Business Value: The measurable impact backed up by supporting data, that your project or initiative has had on your organization’s business results. dx100 judges rate each application on the criteria measuring innovation and business value.  All individual scores are kept confidential and will not be released publicly, nor will they be discussed with any applicants.
  • Applications must focus on business goals and results of the project or impact use of technology with data and examples that support claims of innovation and how the business value was delivered. Winning applications should also include narrative examples or anecdotes that illustrate the results of project
  • The award is not IT vendor’ products inclusive, however, it is considered if the innovative project produces an  internally  beneficial technology or service
  • Anyone can nominate a company


  1. dx100 CIO of the Year – this is a peer award where CIO’s and the judges nominate a CIO or equivalent, one they think has excelled in managing the IT leadership function in an organization.
  2. dx100 CISO of the Year – this is a peer award where CISO’s and the judges nominate a CISO or equivalent, one they think has excelled in leadership, cyber safety and risk management in an organization.
  3. dx100 CxO Digital Influencer of the Year – this is a peer award where CEO, COO, CMO, CHRO and CFOs are nominated by their IT counterparts and the judges nominate the most influential executive based on involvement, process engagement and team inclusion.
  4.  dx100 Infrastructure Award – dx100 honours leaders who made their mark with an imposing repertoire of frameworks built to excel. The infrastructure special award will facilitate top IT implementation aimed at maximizing returns from their IT infrastructure.
  5. dx100 Green Edge Award – dx100 Will acknowledge the Master of Technology practices that are sound, sustainable, and eco-friendly. The green edge award will recognize the topmost eco-friendly IT initiative in Africa.
  6.  dx100 Plus one awards / Industry Awards – These are given to the leading company within a specific industry

Submissions deadline for all nominations is 23rd September, 2022.

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