Africa entered a race to adopt advances in technology to transform business, society and culture. The Africa of tomorrow is already taking shape as its digital economy is growing from an estimated market size of $115 billion expected to reach $712 billion by 2050. Now is the time to demonstrate innovative solutions to a continent offering a opportunity

The tech scene in Africa is rapidly advancing and changing at an exceptional rate. GITEX AFRICA 2024 is unveiling new sectors aimed at propelling the advancement of various technological innovations throughout the continent: Digital Health, and Sustainability and Agritech. This highlights the increasing significance of Africa in the worldwide technology arena.

Explore the vibrant landscape of the global tech that will shape Africa’s future. Whether your goal is to display your inventive ideas, create valuable networks, engage with pioneering projects, establish your position as a thought leader, or gain industry knowledge, you’ll encounter unparalleled business prospects. Enhance your brand’s influence within one of the planet’s most rapidly expanding tech ecosystems, spanning from Cairo to Cape Town.



Access Tech Opportunities Shaping Africa’s Future – Engage directly with the tech leaders influencing the future of the continent. With over 1.3 billion people, Africa is a rich market for customer acquisition . The showcase spans from big tech to cutting-edge startups, and government-backed projects highlighting the continent’s diverse tech ecosystem.


Cultivate synergies Across Borders with Strategic Collaborations – Forge lifetime connections to build partnerships with tech experts, all the way, from the emerging startups in Nairobi to well-established companies in Johannesburg. Capitalize on the vastest global media outreach visible across Africa from Cairo to Cape Town.


Create Unforgettable Moments with Key Customers & Partners-See what the future of Africa looks like with immersive virtual factories tours . Watch exciting new startups compete in the GITEX AFRICA Supernova Challenge. And on the MoU stage, see policy-makers and cross-border leaders make deals to steer forward Africa’s growing tech world.


Voice your Knowledge of Africa Tech Thought Leadership-Position your brand as a digital transformation thought leader at the vanguard of Africa’s burgeoning tech ecosystem and help shape the continent’s digital future.


Amplify Knowledge Sharing for an Unmatched Continental Outreach-With coverage on critical topics like Cloud x IoT x AI, Connectivity, Cybersecurity, Digital Finance, Smart Manufacturing, Digital Cities , and more, make your mark across Africa’s diverse sectors. Get involved and share industry insights that will resonate across the continent.


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