The BNB Chain Builder Grant Program invites developers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and enthusiasts to submit proposals for impactful solutions benefiting from the BNB Chain ecosystem. Grants, technical guidance, mentorship, and exposure to the BNB Chain community are offered. Open to anyone with a vision for DApp development on BNB Chain, the program encourages innovative concepts beyond the listed suggestions. The BNB Chain Wishlist serves as a repository for visionary projects, fostering meaningful impact on BNB Chain development in the most demanding and innovative areas.

The BNB Chain Program is seeking innovative ideas for creating exciting projects on the BNB Chain. They’re offering funding, technical guidance, mentorship, and a chance to be seen by the BNB Chain community. Anyone with a bright idea for apps on BNB Chain can join. BNB Chain Wishlist can be your starting point for project ideas. However, you’re not limited to the suggestions – they’re open to all kinds of awesome projects.



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