Greatness In You (GIU) is excited to announce the opening of the GIU Innovation Center, strategically located in Ayikuma within the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. This initiative aims to bridge the digital and AI literacy gap that has hindered the technological advancement and empowerment of youth not only in Ghana but across Africa.

Inspired by the vision of Kwabena Kesse Anyimadu, a philanthropist based in Las Vegas, USA, supported by Nana Osei Boateng, and Prince Yeboah, GIU is committed to democratizing education and providing access to underserved communities in Ghana and beyond. Through transformative initiatives like the GIU Life Changing Seminars, which has garnered substantial attendance, GIU has empowered Ghanaian youth with scholarships, shelter, business capital, educational support among other support avenues.

The inauguration of the GIU Innovation Center was graced by Mr. Jeremy Simpson, a generous donor and an Executive Board Member of GIU. Mr. Simpson, a TECH expert based in the United States with strong passion for knowledge sharing and giving back, highlighted the urgent need for digitalization and IT proficiency. Mr. Simpson is partnering with other Tech experts to run virtual hands on AI, Machine Learning, Programming, and IT sessions teaching the students of Ayikuma.

He emphasized GIU’s future endeavors in healthcare and girl child education. Urging both local, and international communities to contribute to the betterment of society. Mr. Simpson, who hails from Ghana, encouraged the youth to take charge of their destinies, emphasizing the importance of purpose-driven living and the transformative power of education.

Paul Mensah Amanor, Founder and President of Libraries Without Walls and GIU Global Ambassador, expressed profound gratitude for the donated laptops and their potential impact on the Ayikuma community. He underscored the significance of the GIU Innovation Center in empowering youth and promoting digital literacy within the community.

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