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February 12, 2022

Welcome to Emerging Tech Trends (ETT), focusing on technologies shaping the future.

In this edition,

First kiosk-type “AI Banker” introduced at KB Kookmin Bank of South Korea : KB Kookmin Bank of South Korea has tapped DeepBrain AI to implement the country’s first kiosk-type “AI Banker to provide a secure counselling service to customers who prefer non-face-to-face in accordance with the COVID-19 situation, and shortening customer waiting time through faster response.

Etcho, a sustainable investing app set to launch in the UK : The new conscious investing app is designed to align a user’s investment goals with ethical ones to empower everyone to be able to invest money in a sustainable way.

Moving beyond principles – addressing Artificial Intelligence (AI) operational challenges : The Canadian Regulatory Technology Association’s report has noted that AI continues to be a topical issue for regulatory actors and aims to delve into best practices on how to control implementation risks through sound governance practices and the use of tools.

Binance takes $200 million stake in Forbes : Binance becomes one of the top two biggest owners of Forbes with two directors out of nine total board seats with an investment of $200million.



Online Webinar – FinTech Innovations in Africa – Trends, Challenges, and Future : With some great African continent’s leading thought leaders as speakers and a broad spectrum of FinTech companies and professionals worldwide, this webinar will offer insight into the ever-growing trends in the Financial Technology sector, tackle the challenges facing Africa’s FinTech sector and explore the promising future on  February 24,2022.


Institute for Money, Technology & Financial Inclusion (IMTFI) :  Established four years ago with a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and housed in the School of Social Sciences at the University of California, Irvine, the Institute for Money, Technology & Financial Inclusion (IMTFI) is a leading research center on consumers’ side of financial technology – focused on building a global network of researchers working on money’s technologies among the world’s poorest people, funding over 147 projects in 47 countries, connecting with over 187 scholars around the globe. Partnering with the British Museum and the Smithsonian, IMTFI collects and curates objects that tell the stories of money and payments, new opportunities and risks involved.

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