Ripple mission is to Build breakthrough crypto solutions for a world without economic borders using blockchain technology thereby helping its clients to to expand into hard-to-reach markets, access alternative liquidity solutions and generate new crypto-enabled revenue streams.

Ripple enables global financial institutions, businesses, governments and developers to move, manage and tokenize value, helping to unlock greater economic opportunity for everyone, everywhere.

It works within existing financial systems to improve, not disrupt by partnering ith our customers to streamline their underlying infrastructure, and work with regulators, governments and central banks to ensure solutions are not only optimized, but also secure and compliant. Also it work with with  developers by providing tools and support for building on one of the world’s fastest and most sustainable public blockchains, that is the XRP Ledger.

Ripple is regarded as one of the top enterprise blockchain companies based on its client’s spread in more  50+ countries.

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